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Allister Whitehead really is one of the UK's DJ legends. His sets are synonymous with the rise of house music & resonate with anthems from the likes of Fantazia & Cream.

Allister Whitehead began his DJing career way back in 1987. Starting out in his hometown of Nottingham, Allister often played next to the house music legend Graeme Park on Saturday nights.

His big break came when he covered a spot at the Hacienda, standing in for Mike Pickering of M People. On the strength of this one night alone, he began his third residency... from there; Golden, Cream, Ministry of Sound & Gatecrasher called.

With the gold selling Fantazia album 'The House Collection 3' which was then, the biggest selling DJ compilation ever he was truly established as a household name worldwide.

The floodgates then opened to a new era of compilation sales becoming a dominating component of the dance music industry. Allister has since gone on to achieve 3 more Gold and 2 Silver albums with compilations for Fantazia and Ministry of Sound.

Nowadays Allister is still undisputedly one of the UK's most prolific House DJs. Committed to a punishing schedule, he has been known to travel to up to four countries in one week, performing in some of the finest clubs in the world across America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Allister Whitehead is available for DJ bookings from Polar Talent.

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