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A founding member of legendary Manchester House pioneers, 808 State, Darren Partington has seen and done it all.

With 808 States critically acclaimed, legendary tracks including 'Pacific State', ‘Cubik' and 'In Yer Face', Darren has helped influence generations of dance music fans and makers alike, including well known artists from Prodigy to Moby.

808 State are widely regarded as one of the most important dance music acts of all time. Formed in Manchester in the late 80s, taking their name from the mythical Roland 808 drum machine, quickly became pioneers for a new wave of acid house, techno and rave in Britain defining an era of electronic music and inspiring future generations of artists.

808 State have always created groundbreaking music and remixes, paving the way for electronic outfits such as Aphex Twin, Orbital, The Chemical Brothers, Underworld and even to the current day Bicep.

With a 30-year music career under his belt, playing to huge sold out venues and intimate clubs, from Manchester to Tokyo to LA, Darren's DJ sets provide the soundtrack to everyone’s night - playing classic house tunes to rave floor fillers.

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