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World #1 Tribute To Fatboy Slim



INCREDIBLE is the only word to describe FATBOY TIM.

He look like Norman, performs like Norman and misbehaves like Norman

so close your eyes and experience the FATBOY PHENOMENON!

As a tribute DJ to Fatboy Slim, Tim embodies the electrifying energy and infectious beats that have defined Fatboy Slim's legendary career. He captures the essence of Norman's music and performances, delivering high-octane sets that keep audiences on their feet and fully immersed in the experience.

Through meticulous attention to detail Tim's sets incorporate signature tracks, samples, and mixing techniques synonymous with Fatboy Slim.

FATBOY TIM is the worlds only FATBOY SLIM TRIBUTE with a show that smashes out the anthems from beginning to end.

All killer & no filler, expect to hear lashings of Fatboy's greatest hits in this breathtaking non-stop show.

Tim is receiving rave reviews from all corners of the world -

Highlights so far have included All Back to Minehead, Glastonbury Pikes Ibiza, Gatecrasher, Boardmasters, Hed Kandi and The Great Estate to name just a few.

Tim has also DJ'd with Calvin Harris, Solado, Kissy Sell Out & even FATBOY SLIM booked FATBOY TIM to cover a gig when he was unable to make it, a hell of a recommendation and testament to the quality of the show.

Are you ready for the ROCAKFELLA PRANK?

Contact Polar Talent to book Fatboy Tim now!

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