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Hailing from Manchester, The Horse Puppets are a folk indie band who had huge commercial success under their previous guise.

Under their previous name ‘The Retrosettes’ the band had a simple YouTube clip online that was seen by Italian film director Paolo Sorrentino. They appeared in the opening scene of the film 'Youth', joining Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel in the first shots of the movie.

From the popularity of the film in Europe the band toured the continent with Simply Red, then went on to release an album through Universal Germany and Live Nation, which became album of the week on multiple German radio stations.

After building their own studio in Manchester and deciding to do the next album under a new name, The Horse Puppets were born & recorded their ‘first’ album ‘Sorry For The Inconvenience’ in late 2019.

The Horse Puppets sound has developed into to more rootsy acoustic folk with a mix of violin, double bass, piano, guitar and large vocal harmonies.

Described as The Lumineers meets Fleetwood Mac & with celebrated support from the likes of Mark Radcliffe & Janis Long; The Horse Puppets are definitely one to watch.

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