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Saturday Night



Whigfield is best known for her number one hit single ‘Saturday Night’ which was released in 1993, but only gained worldwide fame in 1994, one year after its initial release.

Over three decades on from its initial release, ‘Saturday Night’ is still often played at parties across the globe.

Saturday Night made Whigfield the first artist ever to go straight to number one in the week of release of her first ever single.

Born in Denmark and spending several of her childhood years in Africa, Sannie 'Whigfield' Carlson originally studied fashion design in Copenhagen but went on to become a model.

Used to being in the spotlight, Sannie was then convinced by a DJ to sing for the duo he was in. After nearly quitting the music industry, Sannie persevered and eventually came up with her breakthrough single which is now recognised all over the world.

“Saturday Night” was the second biggest selling single in UK in 1994, went number 1 in Spain for 11 consecutive weeks and also made Number 1 slot in the Eurochart Hot 100 in both Italy and Germany.

Whigfield then served up further singles “Another Day” and “Think Of You”and once again saw chart success with her debut album Whigfield 1 soon got certified Gold in Canada, the Philippines and India as well as Platinum in South Africa.

Since then her discography has continued to grow and now encompasses five studio albums & many more hit singles.

Now back with brand new material that is as catchy and feel good as ever, Whigfield is still a much loved pop icon who performs all over the world and has many hits up her sleeve with which to wow the global audiences.

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